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Everyone has an idea of what their dream vacation should look like. People often make a perfect list of the destinations they should visit, the poses they should take, the food they should eat, and hundreds of other details. That is what makes a holiday so special. It is not only an activity that you indulge in but you also open up to wonderful experiences that will write your memory’s slambook forever. And we are more than happy to help you realize your ideal holiday.

Raghav Travels is one of the most well-known and trusted tour operators in West Bengal. We pride ourselves on providing you the best services and best tour itineraries so that you can have the perfect holiday. We help organize tours in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim, Dooars, Nepal, and Bhutan and we offer custom tour packages for the ideal holiday. On top of that, we also offer other tour services like Car Rental, Hotel Booking, and Flight Booking to facilitate a smooth holiday. So step out of your drab lives and enjoy nature and culture with Raghav Travels.

about Our mission

Our mission is to stand out as the most reliable and well-known tour operator in the tourism industry of West Bengal. With the best services and professional approach, we see it as our mission to gift the perfect holiday. Our mission is to draw out the best customer satisfaction from our clientele and save their money and time.

about our Vision

Our vision is to stand as one of the most innovative, inventive and trusted tour operators in West Bengal. We see our company as the front bearer of new concepts of traveling and positioning our strength in the tourism industry. Our vision is to be known for our dedicated, professional service pattern among our clientele.

Top Destinations

We conduct tours in the most beautiful destinations in North Bengal and in adjoining places to give you a fulfilling holiday.

Excellent Tour Packages

We have the best tour packages that highlight the best parts of traveling in these places at the most market-oriented prices.

Unparalleled Expertise

We have been conducting tours for years. That is why we can give the best expertise and opinions that will make your holiday grand.

Perfect Facilities

Along with our packages, we also offer the most convenient facilities for you that will streamline your travel experience a lot.

best Travel Agents in Bhutan

Are you looking for a break from your hectic life and wander into the search for peace and harmony. A vacation from all your stress to refresh your soul.To an adventure of a lifetime. Then one of the best destinations to witness everything that you are craving for is the land of the thunder dragons or The Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. So browse for the popular tour operator in Bhutan .Then book a tour to the majestic Kingdom of Bhutan.

A small asian country surrounded by rocky tall mountains, filled with lush greenery and a culture so diverse that it is implemented with modernity. This is the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. A breathtaking paradise on earth. An exceptional example for natural and traditional conservation. A place where people embrace culture, traditions with a blend of pure happiness and joy . A land for spiritual beliefs inspired by the lord Buddha. A kingdom with an exceptional history and heritages with a perfect offerings of nature and culture makes this country a must-visit place on earth.

As you cannot travel to Bhutan by yourself succinctly, hiring a tour to Bhutan is very easy as many tour operators are functioning and providing services as of today. And some are just not the genuine one. We at Raghav Travels, a popular tour operator in Bhutan, are now providing you with the best tour packages that can fulfill your needs and requirements under best comfort ranging from multiple deals to keep your Budget consistent. Service provided by the tour operator matters very much as you rely on total comfort and relaxation. Browse over and find our various tour operators and the services they provide. Its better to be smart while booking your tour operator as some of them are ideal and some are not. These are various tour operators all over Bhutan but with Raghav travels we ensure you best provide services on tour destinations, sightseeing spots, your personalized itinerary and car rental services that make your road trip to Bhutan a adventurous and exciting one. So now rediscover your soul by booking a trip to the land of happiness and enjoy the natural and cultural beauty to a whole another level. Book your best tour packages providing exclusive services from Raghav Travels and relish the joy of traveling and adventure into the Majestic nation of Bhutan and Rediscover your soul and mind.